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released February 20, 2015

Robin Cauchois - Drums
Paul Parsat - Guitar/backing vocals
Firouze Pirolley - Bass
Rémy Pocquet - Vocals
Clément Reviriego - Guitar/backing vocals

Recorded and mixed at Chancelade Abbey by Souncrawler.
Drums recorded at "le Sans-Réserve (Périgueux)".
Additional vocals recorded at "la Fusée des Résistants (Poitiers)" with Guillaume Bernard.

Stem mastering by Acle Kahney at 4D Sound Studio in U.K..

Artwork by Ani Artworks

Label : Klonosphere / Season of Mist

Soundcrawler would like to thank :
Acle Kahney & 4D Sound, Ani Lenore, Monique Caignard, Laps, Arthur, Guillaume Bernard and KLONOSPHERE, Ludovic and VIRUS, Mathieu Jacob, le Sans Réserve, Muriel, Stephane, Marco di Metal, Grégoire Cauchois, Philippe Cadot, Christophe Fuzier, Bernard & La Démothèque, Fabrice & l'Art Scène, SP2C Crew, Charlie et Thierry & l'Ecume des Jours, Mendy & Addikson 24, Jimmy & Make It Sabbathy, Thierry & les Toqués de Bière, Some Produkt, l'Agence Culturelle Dordogne Périgord, le Rocksane, la Feuill'info, Galva, Mastervoice, Sun Preachers, River Edge, Eight, Seeds of Mary, Oxycoupeur, Zizi Rider, Piscine, MOOP, Arnaud, Norbière...



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SOUNDCRAWLER Bordeaux, France

French stoner band.

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Track Name: Raiders
They want me dead
They want my head
Run 'til I faint
Run 'til I can't
Never breathe again
Hide myself from them

I know the desert sound
I feel a man soiling my earth

Footprints betray my own prey
Unknow smells excite my senses
And I feel his fear in me
No one can escape the raiders

Few meters separate us
I feel their weapons aiming
Their few seconds before the end
You shouldn't awake it

They want my hands
They want the sands
Fight until I kill
Fight until I feel
Never breathe again
Blood on my face

On my knees I pray
To keep the monster in
Don't consume my being
Oh revenge machine

Sands affect my allies
Don't know where's this man
Shape of a hand shokes my neck
Strength of a god

If I'm the prey you're fucking nothing
Track Name: Burning Scales
I'm trying to breath
Through the flying sands
Praying for my lungs
To survive

My skin begins to burn
Under a dying sun
I attempt to join the city
But the thing is telling me

A sin grows within me
As the city grows at sight
Something will explode in me
I've got to survive

I see people not so far
Little ignorant souls
I'm sure that I come to die
But the thing is shooting me

Everything is falling
A universe will be dying
The catalyst I won't be
So remove my burning scales

Burning scales

Burning scales
Track Name: A God to Feed

Sunshine on the ruins
The pain grows deeper inside
A storm rises within the maggots
The city's burning

I hear the world around whispering
I feel the fuel near me crawling
Fuckin' slowly

I need some fuel for my truck
Please pray for what I
For what I became

I saw the end bloodly coming

There is a god among you
That you have to serve
There is a god in me
That you have to feed
That you have to feed

Track Name: Long Coma Slow
Pretty sure I'm searching
For a cure
Beneath this town
Beneath this grave
No one knows how I feel
What I carry on my mind
It takes on
With an inhuman will

I feel the worm inside
The last pieces of my mind
I can't be real

Swallow the anger
Chase the pain away
Stop all the wind
To stop the storm
Moving backwards
I recall myself again
I fed her way too much
I'm the dead-end host

A genocide is calling us
The Mother of Machines
And we blindly follow
Her commands
Blindly follow
Her commands
I'm the dead-end host
Track Name: Souls From the Trash
Don't look and you will see
The souls from the trash
Don't think or you will be
The next condemned soul

Dark cold decay
Citizen of the grime

Find strenght in a shade
In an empty space
His army will feed on
Their nighmares
Dark cold decay

Dark cold decay
Citizen of the grime

And they can't resist
To the call of terror
They will rise for the monster
And they'll see the red sun

And finally
They will see the red sun
And finally
They will see the red sun

I have to sink
Hide myself from him
Imprison me
So that he never wakes up

Track Name: The Plastic Truth
My arms shake as my anger grows
I'm no longer what I once was
There is no truth
Only shame

You have to see
The secret behind the wheel
Behind the scene
The plastic truth

Down - Into the pain
Near - The city's trash
Watch - My tentacles
Fear - The gush

You have to see
The secret behind the wheel
Behind the scene
The plastic truth

And I go where you are
Where you hide
You will take the control you will take the last pieces of myself
But you know you can't win you war
Because through my flesh
Hide the secret of your end

Closer to you I crawl
On purpose
I kill them all you're no longer yourself

You have to see
The secret behind the wheel
Behind the scene
The plastic truth
Track Name: Civil
Stills smells like blood metal
Vehicules flying around
People think they are safe
But their world will be my playground

Towers colapse on many
Ruins in every district
Home was never so close
To the end

I feel in all them
In the city's despair
I shall plunder the building
With all of them
All of them

All the faces are grey
No one see the truth
They are anything to me
Well I've just to do a push
They walk like an ant army
Don't have to search so far
I found my kingdom easily
I will begin here

Stills smells like blood metal
Sirens singing around
A song of ignorance
When I return with a curse

Towers collapse on many
Places forget by the most
Yeah, home was never so close
To the end

People will crawl
Into the sand I'll make
The civil part of you will be
A memory

A memory
Track Name: Infinite Genocide
This is the last warning
I repeat, this is the last warning
The city's under attack
Citizens, please stay at home and protect your family

The story is about to end
Alone in a graveyard
And a hole in the sky
Shot your mind
Shot your mind

Millions years I feel
Millions years of war

What destiny is this
Every atom's burning

I repeat the cycle
Indefinitly loud
Can't stop the machine
So wrong so weak
Reality collapsing
I can't endure more
I can't endure more

Infinite genocide

Infinite genocide

Don't forget that a monster is watching you
Everywhere anytime
Inside you it rules your guts
Your mind your heart and your soul
When you go to work
On a date on a hang
When you are in front of me
Your biggest weakness is yourself
There is no peace only a perpetual fight
The Sandcrawler is a proof
Don't forget that a monster is watching you
Everywhere anytime